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Active Memories

Pinot Grigio (750ml)

Skin contact sparkling Pinot Grigio orange wine. An uncomplicated - honest - sparkling wine that will bring you great joy. Hints of kiwi juice (yes, kiwi juice),  ripe peach, some minerals and a very balanced acidity from the grapes and native bacteria. 

My original plan was to make a pet-nat, but then I became a dad (thank you!) and this wine didn't want to wait. Second fermentation in bottle, so it has residue. Don't shake the bottle, but don't be afraid of the residue either. Drink super cold and let the wine open up in your glass.

Bio-dynamic grapes grown by Dennis from Weingutt xxx.

1 week maceration, de-stemmed,  no sulphites added, native yeasts. Unfiltered.

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